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I create a living culture for everyday life
Kai-Yin Lo


By incorporating colourful semi-precious stones into the mainstream design lexicon, Kai-Yin was an early pioneer of initiating a new direction in jewellery and accessories. Ultimately, these are creations that are not simply valued in terms of what they cost to make but rather in the impact they help to create and enhance.


The iconic white and bluey-green ceramics of the Song era (960 – 1276 CE) were made at a time of remarkable economic, social and cultural development that saw great aesthetic and technical advancement in China...

Kai-Yin’s limited edition of white and qingbai “Contemporary Song” ceramics interprets the quiet elegance of classical Song ware in forms and proportion often derived from Central Asian silverware...



Two commemorative cashmere shawls commissioned by the Hong Kong Design Centre to mark the 10th anniversary of the Territory’s return to China, ushered in a line of beautiful cashmere design...



"I’m striving to create a living culture for everyday life – I want my work to accumulate and form a lasting legacy."

Kai-Yin Lo

In settings such as European furnishings enlivened with elements of ancient to Ming and Qing and other dynastic Chinese collectables - ceramics, glass, jade and wood carvings, Kai-Yin’s juxtaposition of the unexpected becomes the norm. It is perhaps not surprising that her living and working space is alive with an unpredictable and unexpected fusion of both formal and casual harmony.

For Kai-Yin, the study of history and collecting artifacts has become far more than just a way of pursuing and demonstrating learning and connoisseurship. Abandoning the traditional Chinese philosophy of only sharing such an appreciation with like-minded or more educated souls, Kai-Yin’s trademark is the fusion of divergent forms and seemingly incongruous artifacts and their attendant connotations into everyday wearable and functional art for all to enjoy.